In the past, it is not so common for most of the designers to buy logic analyzers due to the instrument is a bit pricey  and designers have to settle with using oscilloscopes for digital signal debugging. It is not an ideal tool for digital signal debugging though it has been like that in Malaysia for many years.

The invention of PC-based logic analyzers, however, changes the landscape of digital signal debugging. It enables the designers to reach out to the benefits of logic analyzers with an affordable price.

ZEROPLUS Technology from Taiwan successfully produced their patented PC-based logic analyzers in year 2004. Ever since their products have become popular among the designers, hobbyist and students. the Logic Cube or LAP-C series was one of the Taiwan Excellence 2006 & 2009 winning products.

20121009251_kotws (1)

ZEROPLUS’ new product, Logic Century PC-based logic analyzer, also won the first ever TAITRONICS Technology Innovation Award on October 2012.


The complete range of PC-based logic analyzers by ZEROPLUS can be found here.

We believe with the assistance of PC-based logic analyzers, now your jobs are going to become less taxing and more efficient. It is  a very powerful tool especially ZEROPLUS has come out with at least 24 FREE general protocol modules that can fit majority of your protocol analyses needs. The details of the protocol modules can be found here.

The PC-based logic analyzers can now be purchased through the network of ZEROPLUS distributors globally. URC Asia Pacific would like to proudly announce that we are now one of the distribution teams to bring you the awesomeness of this product family to Malaysia and ASEAN countries users. Do drop us a line if you would like to find out from us how we can support you on this products.


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