Thanks to the maturity of computer technology, PC-based oscilloscopes can now achieve almost similar performance like the traditional benchtop oscilloscopes. In fact PC-based oscilloscope has better features in term of documents processing and signal analysis.

I personally like PC-based oscilloscope especially Picoscope because i can carry the instruments around with my laptop easily. The lightweight and most of them USB-powered Picoscope has high mobility features which allow you to use it for your fieldwork conveniently. The user interface or the software for PC-based oscilloscope is crucial for the users. Picoscopes come with a pretty straight forward and easy to use user interface.

For engineers or students that always need to compile documentations for their measurements (save the waveform or copy the waveform onto the word files and so on), I would highly recommend you the Picoscope. To find out more about the features of Picoscope, watch the basic tutorial below.


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